Our Commitment

Our commitment is to present or introduce to you a piece of my culture through my drinks and treats. These exotic drinks are all properties of the Caribbean and integral part of my phenomenal culture. They are prepared with family-owned recipes, heart and soul. My motive is to entice you to taste and see how delicious my drinks and treats are, so come aboard with me as we create lasting memories together.

Natural Products

Using traditional recipes, we're bringing the best of the Caribbean to you with fresh ginger beer, sorrel, and mauby.

Original roots

All Natural Drinks Brewed With Traditional Recipes!


Offering exotic drinks that are flavorful and rich in nutrition

100+ years experience

Our selection includes sorrel, mauby, ginger beers, and more brewed with authentic recipes and organic products.

Trinidad & Tobago

My beautiful twin islands are rich in heritage and culture. We are multicultural with different ethnicities making us vibrant and a happy bunch of people, delivering flavor, finesse and fun in our food.

Quality in everything

First and foremost, I believe in offering a quality and delicious product, that will be unforgettable! So, with that in mind, my drinks are prepared with specially selected fine quality ingredients, that are organic and NON-GMO, following safe food handling guidelines in order to deliver to you a perfect finish product.


Opinions of those who have already bought

My name is Kathy and I have been ordering Bernie’s sorrel and ginger beer for the past 3 years. They are both amazing! Try it for yourself!